The History And Foundation Of Paulo News

 Hello everybody my full name is Gilson Paulo Lelo Tati am founder that one's website of music, i have 14 years old, i speak 2 language English and Portuguese, i am natural of Angola (Cabinda) and i gonna make a brief history below:

Since 2014 always had dreams amazing and age also am very passionate for computer, internet, game, playstation, etc.

2014 was the year in that inspiration come to me for the first time, since this epoch i did some search about how to creat a website that furnish game, and i creat a website that was  "Gilson Newsh" the website furnish games of Xbox, films and very more, after of some years i start to passionate for musics African and i stop with this some time, because i had that have more consciousness.

On same years i come at Brasil, i did 5 curse, engineer of computer systems, JavaScript, Web Designer, Developer of websites and Microtec Training.

Start the develope different type of website, i throw the first website TechTudo with an fellow Gustavo Guanabara the website was a success behind have gain 550.000 R$ i let enterprise the new CEO of TechTudo and i start to participate in new project of creation of websites responsive and very much.

After of this the enterprise JetBrains contract me, enterprise of programing, start with job of programer general of enterprise during 3 months, develope with thr enterprise one aplicative for the young programers "PhpStorm" a aplicative amazing for creation of web. After of complate the 3 months i back to Angola.

On start of year 2015 i start again, after of abandonment of the website "Gilson Newsh" , so should follow on the contrary, pooh that i know the sister of the Vicente Brás Zau more known as Vicente News "Suzana Zau" even today we are best friends, at 2015 she help me on creation of the a new design, the name was "Ralph Music" we work together at this project during 4 months, we did some search the backgound and we creat the website ralph music and was "www.ralph-music.blogspot.com" at this same year we start the posts of video, music, news, at last, even today the website yet exist i think so.

At 2016 start again, i did new search with the help of same people Suzana Zau we discover things amazing and do not want more "Ralph Music" and i think to creat some with my name, and i creat  "Paulo News" that was "www.paulonews9.blogspot.com" and furnish game international and music, and was needs to creat a slogan(Intro) that represent if the name of website on music that was created by same people Suzana Zau.

Since 2017 i try buy a dominion .com

I give gratitude the God and by my parents (Antonieta Goma) and (Francisco Paulo Solila) by the financial and moral and the my family all and the courage, by my friends and colleague.

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